Message from Sr. Mary Ruth

Thank you so much for your Christmas generosity of prayer, greetings, and gifts!  I am happy to be here at St. Vincent de Paul and grateful for your acceptance.  Thankful to my SSND authorities and our pastors for my assignment here, I am truly at home and appreciate especially them and the parish staff for being patient, informative, and supportive.  Many parishioners have expressed gratitude for my presence and my availability.  In these past six months, my contacts have included pairing parishioners with our elders, careful (masked/distanced) home visits, phone calls and follow-ups, attendance and prayer at funerals, connection with the school, involvement with Bible study and introduction to other groups, and outreach in community events.  I offer prayerful support for our parish and school, Confirmation candidates and team, RCIA and team, and PSR and teachers.  I am hoping to broaden my outreach as COVID will allow in the new year, especially ministry to nursing homes and care centers.  Thank you for your prayers and God continue to bless us all!  Sister Mary Ruth Wand, SSND