Merry Christmas

As your “pastors in solidum” we take this opportunity to rejoice with you as we continue to celebrate this beautiful season.  We recently realized that (counting it from the first date of “stay-at-home” orders and no public Mass) as of December 17, 2020, we have been with you during the pandemic longer than we were before the pandemic!  In spite of this, we have grown in unity as a parish as we continue to understand and live together what it means for us to be disciples and stewards at St. Vincent de Paul here in Pettis county.   We continue to look forward to getting to know you better and hope to spend more time with you personally, in your homes, and other settings.
On a personal note thank you for your faith and sacrifices, sometimes heroic in these months of pandemic, and for your kind prayers, wishes and gifts on the occasion of the Nativity of our Lord! 
While the future may be unknown in this time of pandemic, may all of us stand on the solid rock of Jesus and the Church He founded with Peter and his successors as its visible head on earth.  Let all of us encourage one another, with the ever-new affirmation of Christmas: “Emmanuel- God With Us!”  We are indeed, better together.  Responding to God’s call to be ever more intentional disciples, let us continue to encourage one another and pray for one another, that there be ever greater participation in our parish, that the work begun by Christ Jesus may continue, in His name, through us, here at St. Vincent de Paul!

Merry Christmas – Fr. Joe & Fr. Dave