Health Ministry News

Next Foot Clinic is December 2!

Riki Harding LPN, CFCC will hold the next foot clinic on December 2.  The clinics will be held at 618 W. 16th Street, Sedalia.  This allows for better cleaning between parishioners.  Please call Riki Harding at 816-797-6537 to book your Nursing Foot Clinic time slot.  Riki offers this clinic as part of her stewardship.  Donations can be made to Health Ministry if desired.  A big thanks to Riki for her stewardship.


This Advent may we contemplate how we show our gratitude to God for sending us His only Son.  We may be feeling challenged to show our gratitude during this pandemic or for other personal reasons. Here are six simple ways to give thanks as we await the birth of Christ!

  1. Begin our prayer each day with praise and thanksgiving. This will help us recall God’s love, constancy, and never-ending care.
  2. Pray the psalms regularly.  Some psalms are helpful in recalling God’s mercy and goodness. Psalms 138, 34, 92, 100, 103, 107, 111,118,136.
  3. Spend a few minutes each evening thanking God for your blessings that day.
  4. Look for God’s blessings especially amid the difficulties of life.
  5. Express your gratitude to other people. Instead of complaining and criticizing, notice and thank people for what they are doing.
  6. Thanks God ahead of time for blessings even before you received them.  This shows we trust that the Lord is working in our situation.

Adapted from The Word Among Us, November 2020