Health Ministry News

Health Ministry Contacts
Health Ministry: Bev Wilkerson 660-473-2033
Meals to families with a new baby: Camille Bawcom 404-918-5822
Bereavement Ministry: Ann Dove 660-527-3794
Prayer Shawl Ministry: Rectory at 827-2311
Crochet & Sewing Tuesdays: Carol Schibi 660-620-3795
Next Foot Clinic!
St. Vincent DePaul’s Health Ministry Foot Clinic has returned with a few changes. Riki Harding LPN, CFCC will hold the next foot clinic on November 4. The clinics will be held at 618 W. 16th Street, Sedalia. This allows for better cleaning between parishioners. Please call Riki Harding at 816-797-6537 to book your Nursing Foot Clinic time slot. Riki offers this clinic as part of her stewardship. Donations can be made to Health Ministry if desired. A big thanks to Riki for her stewardship. Future dates are November 4 and December 2, 2020.
Be sure to get your flu shot – the time is now!
Protecting your heart during a Pandemic
Control your blood pressure. Hypertension affects 1 in 3 adults in the US Weight loss, exercise, and a healthy diet help control high blood pressure
Sleep Well. Sleep helps repair your heart – get at least 6 hours each night
Eat Right. Unhealth eating leads to obesity, hypertension and heart disease. Include heart healthy foods such as fish, whole grains, veggies and fruits in your diet
Get Active. A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Exercise 3k0 minutes at least 5 days a week
Control Stress. Stress increases the body’s release of adrenaline which can speed up the heart rate and increase blood pressure.
Watch Your Weight. Excess weight leads to high blood pressure and other risks for heart disease. Need support. TOPS will meet in the parish center each Monday. Call Linda Hoffman for more information. 660-620-0809.