Better Together Parish Pastoral Plan

By Katelin Hladik, Pastoral Council President

Over the past 6 months, members of our Parish have worked together to identify ways our parish can better serve as a center of charity and mercy, practice stewardship, and move forward with an understanding of co-responsibility.  During Lent many participated in the Better Together program with small groups and in June six members of our youth community and three sponsors attended the Virtual Diocesan Youth Summit.  All feedback and ideas collected from these events were used by our Pastoral Council to develop our Parish Pastoral Plan.  We are excited to share with you the three points on which our plan will focus:

     1) Create a comprehensive multigenerational ministry to our Youth:

In our baptismal promises we agreed to help the parents raise children in the faith. Our Youth Ministry program would not mean just bringing our youth together for youth events, but having the other generations mentor them in the activities and life of the parish.  By the time they are seniors in high school they will be integrated into the life of the parish and taking on responsibilities within the parish

     2) Continue our adult faith formation placing an emphasis on families with children 18 and younger:

Our families are the domestic church and we want them to be as competent and confident stewards as possible. We will use parent best practices from the church and help adults learn their faith so they can pass it on to their children. The goal is to help them be comfortable and confident in passing the faith on to their children.

     3) Develop and execute a comprehensive communication plan for the parish:

No one ministry stands alone. We are all working as one.  We must have better communication of SVDP outreach in the community, better communicate community needs and volunteer opportunities, and keep open lines of communication between all ministries of SVDP so everyone knows what is going on and actively supports each other.