Confirmation 2020

We wish to congratulate the following students on their recent Confirmation. Further, we would like to give a big thank you to the Confirmation Team for their hard work and dedication. We had a record number of students this year, but was further complicated by the recent pandemic. The team and the students worked hard for this achievement.

May 23

Kelsey Hudson

Amelia Schott

Alaina Farkas

Megan Wingerter

Mary Eufinger

Dylan Schibi

Tanner Schibi

Cassidy Polley

Adelynn Hunsaker

Jaysen Gerke

Blake Park

Megan Bremer

Jake Brownfield

Claudia Apollonar

Jimena Blas

Jose Jeronimo

Juan Herrera

Josie Bray

Juan Pablo Arroyo

May 24

Ralph “Eddie” Withers

Webster Brown IV

Blaise Brown

Lucas Martin

Ian Viscarra

Veronica Vanegas

Marcus Carroll

AnnaMaria Magana

Joanna Gonzales-Rubio

Jacobo Gonzales-Rubio

Lennyn De Leon

Diego Almazan

Darren Sanchez

Luis Sanchez

Marlene Rivera

Heidi Rivera

Saraih Navarro

Maribelle Silva

Isabelle Juan

Jennifer Paz

Grieselda Vargas

Emilio Olivos

Joanna Hernandez

May 26

Kaleb Woolery

Emma Siron

Laura Granados

Raegan Fairfax

Jacquelyn Fairfax

Miguel Alejo

Isabelle Arnold

Abigail Arnold

Martinez Jennifer

May 28

Emily McDonald

Kiley Beykirch

Alexander Strout

Matthew Strout

Claire Smeltzer

Eli Smeltzer

Caten Lucchesi

Allison Ferguson

Jude Jenkins

Kate Carney

Bode Eisenmenger

Maria Mergen

Caitlin Carrico

Roman Morelos

Veronica Morelos

Marianna Restrepo

Madison Canon

May 29

Natalie Walker

Julian Estrada

Arly Ponce

Corina Rider

Nadaelin Ochoa

Guadalupe Martinez

Javier Olmedo

Diego Olmedo

Joanna Olmedo

Fae Alegarbes

Leonardo Rodriguez

Yasmin Barajas

Jaqueline Arroyo

Jessica Tineda

Eric Mercado

Jose Angel

Marcilno Aguilar, Jr.

May 30

Gracie Bruha

Ryan Popps

We would also like to welcome the following who joined our Church through RCIA/RCIC and pass along a big thank you to the team leaders for their hard work and dedication.

Samantha Brooks
Chelsea Castillo
Katherine Paul
Luis Alain Carlos Diaz
Lisved Matacua
Ramon Alejo
Francisco Gonzalez Talavera
Daniel Gonzalez Talavera

May God Bless You All!